Dr. Matt Uzzle, Medical Director

Dr. Uzzle had 10 years of private practice experience performing anesthesia and working with veterinary specialists to improve the quality of life for his patients prior to joining BAVI. He is an Honors graduate from Virginia- Maryland in 1998 and career long interest in anesthesia, cardiology, neurology and pain management. Dr. Uzzle has received special training in anesthesia, MRI technology, and radiology. Since joining the BAVI team at it’s inception in 2007, Dr. Uzzle has overseen tens of thousands of imaging studies. Dr. Uzzle is extremely well versed in anesthesia, localization of disease, choosing the best imaging modality, and performing imaging studies. He is passionate about helping people and animals by obtaining diagnoses through advanced imaging, charismatic, and a great leader of the BAVI team.


Consider Advanced Imaging:

  •  In situations where other diagnostic tests have failed to give a diagnosis
  •  When a client is hesitant to pursue invasive procedures
  • When an owner needs an accurate diagnosis to make difficult decisions regarding the  care of  their pet

MRI provides exceptional soft tissue detail, making it extremely useful in imaging the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular structures and the abdominal organs.

Specific Uses For MRI Are As Follows:

  •  Seizure patients
  •  Poorly coordinated gait (ataxia) and weakness (paresis)
  • Poor balance (vestibular symptoms)
  • Neck or back pain
  • Lameness
  • Abnormal nasal drainage or swelling
  • Abdominal imaging
  • Defining tumor characteristics and boundaries

We Make It Easy  Your client and patient’s comfort is very important to us. They will be immediately greeted by the professional staff at BAVI. The staff and veterinarian will acquaint them with the facility and the procedure. All patients will have a full physical examination in anticipation of general anesthesia. Once the exam is completed and all of your client’s questions have been answered, your patient will be anesthetized with a protocol tailored to their needs. Full patient monitoring will be maintained, using MRI compatible monitoring equipment.


Bush Advanced Veterinary Imaging (BAVI)

Bush Advanced Veterinary Imaging understands that your clients demand the best possible care for their pets. We also know that when their pet is sick, you want to determine the root of the problem in order to develop an appropriate treatment plan. We are here to assist in this process. As a company, our mission is to advance the understanding of disease in companion animals through advanced imaging.

At BAVI, we operate a high-field MRI to achieve exceptional quality, multi-planar images. MRI vastly improves diagnostic yield, as well as therapeutic and surgical planning, through 3-dimensional visualization of tissue structures and associated pathology. The extent of disease can be drastically underestimated by traditional imaging. In fact, without the use of advanced imaging, many diseases can go unrecognized.

Rapid Results: Once the imaging is complete, images will be submitted to a board-certified radiologist for review and your patient discharged once fully recovered. The radiologist’s report will be returned to you within 24 hours so you can follow up with your client regarding further treatment and care. We can also arrange for a STAT read to be performed so that results can be available at the completion of the imaging study.

Expert Staff: Our onsite veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians, along with our consulting veterinary radiologists, are thoroughly trained in the application of MRI specifically for veterinary medicine.

Cutting-edge Technology: We use a high-field magnet, customized exclusively for veterinary use. This enables us to provide you with high-quality diagnostic images and reports in a timely manner.

Dependable Results/ Quality Images: Our team continues to develop imaging protocols and technologies specifically for veterinary use. These efforts enable us to provide you with precise and reliable insight into the nature your patient’s presenting problem.